UPDATE 7/15/22: Yes we are doing the truck again with stops in the Philadelphia and Detroit metro areas!

Our truck in a nutshell: 24' pannel truck picking up cargo in Philadelphia on 8/17, Detroit on 8/20 and dropping it off in Black Rock City on 8/26. Cost is $10 per cubic foot. If you're not good at math or want to make things easier on yourself and us, please use the 27 gallon black and yellow storage bins pictured and linked below. The rate on these is a flat $55. If you have any questions, please contact Early via Facebook or the contact email link provided. Contact Email



Home Depot:



Camp Videogasm is again doing the truck to Burning Man in 2022. If you live near the Philadelphia or Detroit metropolitan areas and need to have your gear transported to Black Rock City, please see below for more info

*CLEARLY label your box with your actual name, playa name, gity of origin (Philly or
Detroit), camp name, email and phone number. Place this information on the lid, as well as one of the sides. Please zip tie your bins closed. Also DO NOT CUT the ends of  your zip ties! These leave sharp edges that can cut our loaders / drivers. Just point the loose ends downward. 

This puts the drivers at risk! No one should go to jail, or get fined for your carelessness. REMEMBER:
You are responsible for the contents of your cargo! 

*Bikes do not have to be boxed this year. We will have a seperate trailer for this.

There is a flat $60 fee per bike.

*All generators or gasoline motors must be empty, run dry and aired out.

*If you under measured you will be charged the difference before you are allowed to put your gear on the truck. Either bring extra cash or be ready to PayPal the difference to us on the spot..

*We reserve the right to charge extra for overweight items. Overweight means more than 10 lbs/cu ft. You will be charged $1 for each each pound you are overweight. 

*NO REFUNDS! But you are free to sell your space to someone else. You must notify us by email prior to the person showing up with their cargo.

Q: What's the deal with this truck?

A: We are renting a 24 foot panel truck. Making stops in King of Prussia ,PA.(a suburb of Philadelphia), and Woodhaven, MI (a suburb of Detroit).

Q: How big is it? 

A: The truck is 1250 cubic feet, but only 700 cubic feet is available for rental. Space is very tight, pack efficiently!

Q: When is the truck leaving and arriving in Reno?

A: The truck will leave King of Prussia, PA on the morning of Thursday, 8/18 for a Friday 8/26 arrival in Black Rock City. There will also be a stopover in Woodhaven, Michigan on Saturday, 8/20 to pick up the bulk of Camp Videogasm's Stuff. Anyone in the Detroit Metro Area interested in getting space on the truck, must make arrangements with Early prior to 8/20. The Truck will leave from Michigan on the morning of Sunday 8/21.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Space will be rented at the rate of $10 per cubic foot. (All quoted prices include transportation both to and from Burning Man). Be realistic in the amount of space you'll need. To determine cubic footage, imagine putting a box over your stuff. Then multiply that box's width, by it's length, by it's height. For example: a space 5 feet wide by 5 feet long by 4 feet tall = 100 cubic feet.

Q: When is the money due?

A: By Wendesday, August 16 for advance payments. If there is still space left over, then you can pay in CASH ONLY up until when we pack the truck. Note that there is no guarantee that the truck won't be filled by then, so pay in advance if you can. Before bringing stuff at the last minute, check with Early in case we are indeed full. We don't want you to waste a trip only to have the truck filled when you arrive.

Q: Who/where do I make payment to?

A: Please use Paypal to pay for your cargo...

The address to make payment to is:


Important!  Please indicate with your payment what is being paid for (i.e.: number of cubic feet or bins), and who it is being paid for (for those of you paying as couples or groups)  Also, include a note with your full name, mailing address, preferred phone number and e-mail addresseither in the PayPal message area or send an email to Early. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Q: So when can I drop off my stuff?

A: Anytime after August 1st.  You will need to make arrangements with Andy for a Philadelphia drop off, or Early for a Detroit drop off.

Q: Who will load the truck?

A: We will need volunteers to do this on Wednesday afternoon/evening 8/17 at Andy's place in PA, and again at Early's place in MI on Saturday 8/20. The truck is scheduled to leave Philadelphia on the morning of the 18th , Detroit on the morning of the 21st.

Q: Do I need to be a camp member in order to be in on the truck?

A: No, although we would prefer that you were a member of Camp Videogasm, or Snowflake Village, beggar's can't be choosers. Note: the truck will not make "deliveries" once it's on the playa.  It pulls into camp and then stays put.

Q: OK, so where in Black Rock City can I get my stuff?

A: The truck will be parked @ Camp Videogasm, in Snowflake Village, address Esplanade and 4:00.

Q: When is the truck leaving Black Rock City?

A: At dawn on Tuesday 9/6.  You must have everything you wish to send back on the truck at Camp Videogasm by noon on Monday. We will need volunteers to help reload the truck on Monday afternoon.

Q: When will the truck arrive back in Woodhaven? King of Prussia?

A: Sunday morning, September 11th, we will be in Woodhaven (Michigan), doing an quick unload of the appropriate stuff and then continuing on to King of Prussia, PA. Michiganders can pick up their stuff in Woodhaven starting on 9/11. East Coasters in K of P starting on Monday 9/12.

The overall message is PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE! The drivers are doing A LOT pre and post playa to help make your trip easier. Think of them when you pack your boxes, make sure they’re in good condition, easy to read, and easy to lift and stack. Thank you!