UPDATE 5/12/2017: Come help Videogasm celebrate our 20th year in Black Rock City! We're hoping to see as many camp alumni as possible, but space is limited! So tell us your plans ASAP! Haven't been able to buy tickets yet? Well... we do have a limited number of tickets for sale. Preference will be given to those who can help with camp set up, tear down or both. Also we ask that everyone in camp sign up for at least two 4 hour shifts throughout the week helping with camp chores, events and activities. Hope to see you all on the playa! You can contact me: Early Poppycock via facebook or using the contact email link below.

Body painters wanted! If you do body painting and are looking for a place to paint, then Videogasm is the place for you!

Have a short video or presentation you'd like to display at our Playa Theater. If you have something you'd like to show or present at our playa theater, contact us to make arrangements. We do occasionally show features as well. If you have and independently produced feature that you think would be appropiate for Burning Man drop us an email.

We're also looking for daytime interactivity. If you have any ideas for daytime activities (performance, demonstration, games, discussion, etc.) and are looking for a place to do them, Camp Videogasm could be the place for you! We offer our shade structures and a P.A. If you are in need of anything else, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please use the contact email below to discuss further.

Contact Email


The 48 Hour Film Project: Black Rock City

Camp Videogasm will again be host to The Black Rock City edition of The 48 Hour Film Project. Were groups of burners write, shoot and edit films over a 48 hour period to be shown at a festival on Thursday night. We'll start with a retrospective of short films produced at Burning Man in previous years and then premiere the shorts that will be produced at this years Burning Man! Please email us for more info.


Live: Rocky Horror Picture Show - Friday, 11:59pm,

Videogasm will once again be presenting The 6 Minute Players in a live version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Bring a chair or blanket, pack an extra pair of fishnets and get ready to do the time warp again!

If you're interested in joining our cast or crew, please contact us!


Camp Videogasm Information


Q: What's with Camp Videogasm?

A: For the 20th straight year Camp Videogasm will feature the Playa Theatre. Every night from dusk till at least 3am we will be showing a variety of shorts, parodies, music videos, experimental films, art films, cult films, Burning Man related videos and more.


On Tuesday & Wednesday nights we'll be doing Burning Man branded versions of Jeopardy and Family Feud with a live host and contestants from our audience. Other game shows are in the works as well!

Camp Videogasm will again be host to The Black Rock City edition of The 48 Hour Film Project. See above for more info!

Our biggest event of the week is our Friday Midnight, Live Shadow Cast performance of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." We have preformed to crowds as large as 250 people. Susan Sarandon herself attended our 2013 show and gave us her endorsement!

"Improv Cinema": A Mystery Science Theater style showing of a B movie science fiction film hosted by a stand up comic and featuring an open mic for audience members to provide their own commentary.

Carrie Fisher Tribute Night

Various sets by VJ's.


Body Painting every afternoon in our public shade structure. We will have artists on hand to do the painting for you, or if you'd rather do it yourself we will provide you with paints and brushes.

Come cool off in our Misting Tent! Running daily from noon to 5pm.

Daily Themed Happy Hour at our camp bar: Disco, New Wave/Goth, Rap, Metal/Punk, Boy Bands, more TBA.

Lounge music and Karaoke in our shade structure throughout the afternoon till dark.

Shadow screen in main structure after dark.

Fire and hoop performances in our courtyard (most of the Philadelphia Fire Troupe will be camping with us)


A giant version of the 70's tabletop game skittle bowling, and other oversized games.

Oversized version of the Simon electronic game from the 80's.

Lifesize Rocky Horror Picture Show cutouts you can take your picture with.

Lounge area with couches and bean bags.

Giant Desk Ball Pendulum

Burning Man Comment Booth. A motion activated camera in a booth used to record peoples comments. An edited version of the footage will be displayed on our big screens the following night.



Q: Why should I camp with you?

A: You live in the greater Philadelphia or Metro Detroit area, and need a way to get your stuff out to Black Rock City. You yourself are a Video Artist, or have an interest in video art. You have some strange, offensive, arty, fill in your own adjective here, video that you'd like to show ( DVD, Flash, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Quicktime or Windows Media formats are acceptable). We are part of Snowflake Village a group of campers coming primarily from the snow belt of the eastern half of the United States, but we've had folks from all around the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Eastern Europe, China and Japan camp with us throughout the years. Being part of an established village (Snowflake Village, est: 2000) gives us prime frontage on Burning Man's main drag. We've done this kind of thing before. We have lots of stuff that will make your stay in Black Rock City more enjoyable. See Below...

The Truck - A 24' panel truck, the foundation of the whole camp. It will serve as storage, as well as, our main video control center while on the playa.

Shade Structures / Playa Theater - We will be constructing a 20' x 30' structure covered with silver and mesh tarps as our main public shade structure / playa theatre. In addition to the main structure, we will have a 20' x 30' structure that will serve as an additional chill space, dinning area, and our camp kitchen.

Big Screen Video Projection - We have two 8' x 10' rear projection video screens facing the street for night time viewing of video "art".

PA/Sound/Lights -Andy Wing and myself will be providing these. Andy will again be providing his large PA, and it will be used to supply sound for our large open air video screens. I will be bringing a smaller PA that will be used primarily for daytime activities requiring sound in the front public structure. We will have 2 or 3 hand held mics available if needed. As well as a spotlight on 6' tower to light preformances after dark.

Generator - We'll have a main generator (actually two 2000 watt generators running in tandum) for the sound, lights and video projectors which will run mainly at night, and a third 2000 watter which will run during the day to power the mister, a smaller daytime PA, and to charge batteries.

Camp Kitchen - There will be 20' x 30' camp kitchen / dining room / chill space equipped with a two burner propane stove, cast iron cookware, basic cooking utensils, coffee pot, sink (with water), prep area, and 4 large 120 quart coolers, available for use by all camp members. In addition to the Camp Kitchen, there will be a village wide Pot Luck Dinner. If possible, please try to prepare a dish that the whole village can enjoy. The *Village-wide* Annual Snowball Gala Reception (potluck) is Friday at 5pm.

Enclosed Shower - There will be a private shower available for use by all of our camp members. We are also adding a grey water tank this year wich will do away with the evap pond and the associated mess.



Q: How much will it cost?

A: Camp dues will be $160 per person.  This includes use of the above items plus 2 gallons of water per day and ice for your cooler. No food will be supplied. I would however like to encourage you all to participate in the organization and preparation of a nightly pot luck dinner. Could someone please take the lead on this? Food preparation is not my strong point.

NOTE: Transportation of cargo on the 24' panel truck in NOT INCLUDED! For more info see... www.videogasm.com/burningman/bigoletruck


Q: Who/where do I make payment to?

A: You can either use PayPal...

The account to make payment to is: epoppycock@comcast.net

...Or Send a check. If you need to pay by check please contact me, Early Poppycock to get the required information.


Important!  Please indicate with your payment what is being paid for (i.e.: camp dues) and who it is being paid for (for those of you paying as couples or groups.)  Also, include a note with your full name, mailing address, preferred phone number and e-mail address. When paying my PayPal please include all the proceeding information in the message area or send an email to Early Poppycock. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.